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straight centrifugal mill

Brand Name: DOUBLE
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Double as a professional mining equipment manufacturer supply straight centrifugal mill, and our equipment has sales to Malaysia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, USA, Kenya, Pakistan, Zambia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Egypt, Uae... 

Used straight centrifugal grinding mill for sale

The straight centrifugal grinding mill can grind the non-flammable and non-explosive mineral materials with the Moh’s hardness lower that scale 9.5 such as quartz, feldspar, calcite, talcum, barite, fluorite, rare earths, marble, ceram, bauxite, manganese ore, iron ore, copper ore, phosphate rock, colcothar, zircon, slag. And the used straight centrifugal grinding mill has become an ideal mixture materials processing equipment to satisfy various requirements of the customers.

Straight Centrifugal Grinding mill in South Africa

The Straight Centrifugal Grinding mill opens an industrial grinding new time with high efficiency and low energy consumption. In South Africa, double equipment has installed many stone production line successful, and it bring rather satisfactory returns to our customers.

Technical features of Straight Centrifugal Grinding mill

1.High energy-saving : by changing the shape of the grinding roller and ring,we can improve the grinding efficiency and production. And compared with the Raymond mill,the energy-consumption of the wind blower has been greatly reduced .And with the unique structure,the Straight Centrifugal Grinding mill have avoided the energy consumption the shovel slide onto the inner structure of the grinding cavity.

2.high usage of the wearing parts and long service life

3.The Straight Centrifugal Grinding mill can be used to crush the materials with high hardness and processing,such as silicon carbide, corundum, Gao Ying sand,etc.

4.And the Straight Centrifugal Grinding mill can also be used to two processing ways like with or withou the moisture.

5.the whole structure design of the Straight Centrifugal Grinding mill is reasonable and small covering area of just only 50% of the Raymond mill’s occupation.