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Sand making machine parts

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Double as a professional mining equipment manufacturer also supply sand making machine parts, and our equipment has sales to Malaysia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, USA, Kenya, Pakistan, Zambia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Egypt, Uae... 

The spare parts of sand making machine include impact block wear block wear plates and 5x impact block impeller assembly.

Impact block

impact block impact block of sand making machine parts

The impact block of sand making machine uses imported high-quality alloy directly to forge. The latest 5X Sand making machine has adopted the combined diamond impact block, the main characteristics of the kind of impact block is that it uses the foreign high quality alloy instead of the traditional domestic manganese alloy and casting alloy parts, thus, the wear performance and crushing capability of impact block are improved. The overall service life of sand machine is five times more than the original product's. The efficiency is improved more than 30%.

Guard board

When the part of Guard board is wear, it can be adjusted up and down for using. It will improve the utilization rate of material and can prolong the life span by over 48%

Combined hammer

Because of the design of combined hammer, you can just replace the section of worn hammer head. You can reduce the cost by over 30%. In addition, the vice hammer is added to effectively prevent damaging for the board by the worn main hammer.

According to the different parts of same equipment different forms of wear-resisting casting parts are made of high manganese steel, ultra-high chromium cast iron, inlaying compound foundry. The service life of parts is improved.